A Few Words of Encouragement

Today I am not writing my usual article but will offer those of you in the midst of change some words of encouragement.  Changing from a frustrating, chaotic world to that of the holistic world is challenging.  It often does not happen immediately, though it can.  Usually, like anything, it will be a gradual process.  We learn how to listen to those voices within, the ones which tell us things that are right for us.  And we learn to stop listening to those false voices, those voices we picked up from the greater society, that are not beneficial.  It takes time and experience to learn the difference.  As we continue with this, we learn to spend at least a little time at the beginning of each day, connecting with those good voices within, that place within, that wise advisor.  By so doing, we will recall throughout our day that we have only to reconnect ourselves with the wise essence dwelling within in order to make things flow harmoniously throughout our days.  This is the way of living holistically.
Reward yourself for eating according to your plan of the best way to eat, for exercising and also for feeling really good about yourself and seeing the best in others.  Reward yourself for this by feeling really wonderful inside, beautiful, inside and out.
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