Using the Holistic Approach for Weight Loss, Prosperity, Love





How do I loose weight and maintain it using the holistic method?  How do I become happy and fulfilled using the holistic method?  How do I become prosperous, meet the person of my dreams, find my life’s purpose, etc.?  The holistic lifestyle is not an instant cure, a “magic pill” or even a “magic spell.”  And even within the “magickal, mystical community, though there are few ‘spells’ which promise instant success and they say one can learn some of them with practice and wisdom, most ‘spells’ are thought to take at least ‘a moon’ to begin to manifest.  And many will not happen for a period we consider very long, such as years. That is because a person must attain a certain amount of knowledge and wisdom in order to manifest the particular thing.  The holistic lifestyle takes practice as well, but promises so much in return.  It would be nice to be able to just take some kind of instant weight loss cure either a pill or a food, but so far no one has been able to show evidence of such a thing.  Many programs do claim this instant kind of success, yet if you look at the actual scientific evidence, none of them returns it.  All programs of weight lose and weight management have some down falls, the worse of which may be a regaining of  the weight lost with a little extra.  This often brings extreme disappointment in oneself with a sense of failure often resulting in a return to the former habits of overeating, not getting sufficient exercise, rest, etc. Adapting a holistic lifestyle is different.  When you do the “whole life” approach as I present it in my books and on my blog[1][1], you will not find yourself rebounding without cause.  I say “without cause” because there are a few circumstances which may cause you to slightly gain back a little; however though, since you have adopted this program as your new life, you will not continue to gain more.  Instead, you will notice that you have gained back some of the weight,  you will know the reason for the weight gain and not blame yourself, and you will then begin to lose it and continue with the program.  And often times, you will know ahead of time that under certain, difficult to avoid occasions, a weight gain will occur. It will not make you feel defeated.  Instead, you will have begun to learn those important lessons that create a happy, fulfilled holistic lifestyle.


This “program” as I refer to it is your life, your holistic lifestyle, that is.  And a holistic lifestyle means uniquely different ways of being for each individual.  However there is always the body, mind and spirit base to all holistic lifestyles.  Losing weight using the program involves three seemingly easy steps:


1.       Identifying and releasing the old patterns.

2.       Reprogramming yourself.

3.       Letting (or allowing) it to happen.


Do I make it sound too easy?  The basis of wisdom usually is.  It is all a matter of listening to your inner self.  Each step, though seemingly simple, may involve a variety of things, different for each individual.  Some may find out it is easier to identify and release old patterns than it is to reprogram themselves.  Others may find the opposite to be true for themselves.  Our chalenges are often the result of being blind to our own patterns, being resistent to change and many other themes.  That is why involving others, whether a coach, a consultant, a reprogrammer, or even a really good friend or friends who will be perfectly honest with you, who will be willing to provide a little support or encouragment when needed,  is much wiser than going it alone.  I know first hand how blind I am to actually seeing the additional weight on myself.  I like to have the picture of myself as a very young, much slimmer self, rather than any plump but actual image in the mirror.  When I look back now at pictures of myself when I was much heavier, I remember that I did not see myself as I actually was. I of course did know at a deeper level I was overweight but I was in denial.   I somehow thought I was “hiding” a few excess bulges under my clothes!  Others may be able to see the excess weight in themselves but have other defense mechanisms.  Perhaps they have “reasons’ that are “legitimate” for carrying the extra pounds.  Or perhaps they say to themselves something like, “I’m not like those other fat people.  I can lose it anytime I want.”  There are many other similar and related themes.  What are yours?


Wisdom may not be simple but yet it often boils down to some seemingly simple words.  Those words, however, only sound simple until we actually learn how to take them in and truly make them a part of our lives.  That is where the challenge is and it is different for each person.  We engage in the challenge by listening to something that rings true for us and realize that we were previously listening to “lies.”  Once we discover the lies with which we are living, we need to release them.   Then, with the last of the three steps, we allow our newly found truth to become a part of our own life, holistically, body, mind and spirit.  This is something that has a “learning curve,” taking a bit of practice to achieve it well.  But the rewards for this are nothing less than a full and satisfying life. 


The body and mind parts have to do with being honest about looking at your own body and mind and listening to them both.   In order to do this, you must learn how to “step out of yourself,” and look at yourself the way a stranger would.  The Spirit part is dependent upon your own spiritual path and how you feel about it.  Perhaps you have a spiritual Deity, such as God/dess that you pray or speak to.  Perhaps you go to your Higher Self or the Universe.  However you define this Spiritual part, it really boils down to not only asking but also listening.  The spiritual part can be involved in all 3 steps.  It is helpful in discovering and releasing the lies we have taken in, in praying for a change to occur, holistically to ourselves, and in letting go and letting it all happen.


Instituting all of this, the practice part, will be discussed in further articles on my blog and elsewhere. 


So what are your challenges, whether with your weight, your emotions, finding your love, obtaining financial security, or anything?  It really is a matter of learning to go within and to listen and then to let it happen.  Those are the 3 steps, simple yet profound.




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