Happy “Lug”

Happy "Lug" (Lughnasadh) to all of you Pagans out there!  This Pagan Sabbat, Holiday, represents the time of the first harvest of the year.  It is also a time of celebration and gratitude for the harvest.  We think about what blessings our coming to us now.  What have I to be thankful for?  Despite the fact we are still deep in a recession and many of us may not have the abundance we may have had in the past, we give thanks for those things that do continue to come to us.  What do we still have?  What have we learned to appreciate now, more fully than ever, that we have always had in the past but took for granted.  We all have gifts, as I have written about so many times before.  We must take notice of them in order to reap the harvest.
"Lug" occurs on August 1 or 2 each year.  Today, we look for our first harvest, a harvest which has come after a great recession.  We give thanks for the slow, but steady and real increase and prosperity shown in our economy.  We give thanks for all the possessions we continue to have. We give thanks for our loved ones, new and old.  And we especially give thanks for those new harvests that drop right into our laps right now!  Sometimes this is a symbol of what we are harvesting.  Other times it is a literal dropping right into our laps.  Ergo, did a book fall off the shelf as you walked by, did you pick up something from the floor or ground thinking you were going to throw it away?  Look at it and see that at this time, it is something that is actually "harvesting" into your life.  You need only to "notice."  You need only to see, to really see, and to look and you will find that you have your own personal first harvest of this year.  
This is an important year for all us.  It is a year to take note of our new harvest and all the lessons we learned as a result of this great, but passing recession.  Let us all, Pagan, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sics, whatever your religion or lack therof, celebrate, the New World Order now, a to begin the New Era, a time of abundance with wisdom. 
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