Maintaining Weight Loss During Tough Times




The world is coming through a very difficult financial crisis and one that is considered very significant in modern times.  At the same time, we find that many of us whom have struggled have discovered how to implement a less wasteful and more resourceful lifestyle.  We have vowed to continue with these newly acquired traits into the coming prosperous times that most of us trust are now coming.  A new time of prosperity with wisdom is in our midst, is what the new thinking is all about.  And many of realized that we also have begun to develop a deeper, more holistic and even “healthy” lifestyles as a result of transforming our wasteful spending habits into more thrifty ones.  We have learned how to live with less, and not waste those things we bought.  And so we took the time to eat our veggies instead of tossing them or letting them go bad in our refrigerators.  That’s money wasting and no one is wasting money when it is rare.  We are recalling the times we had so much more and just didn’t think we had time to be using up the fresh foods in our refrigerators.  Many of us hopefully have learned better now.  And some have found by doing so, we can “tolerate” more healthy kinds of eating habits (perhaps we have even learned to enjoy them) and even loss some of that excess weight we had hoped would be gone by now.  Perhaps, many of us have begun to learn the value and wisdom of the holistic lifestyle.


But having done so, who hasn’t succumbed to some extra treat, like those candy bars calling to us at the checkout counters, or “fond memories” of indulging in cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, or the salty fatty foods like French fries or burgers, fries and even a milk shake with it all!  This is perhaps the beginning of the end of the so-called “diet” for many of us.  We are taught that our fat cells never stop crying out for more.  We have a bad day, a bad week, or even a whole month of bad breaks and we notice as well that we did not just give in to the occasional treat but have readapted a “treat” lifestyle once again.  And our bodies are showing the difference, whether we care to “look” or not. 


We are hoping that life will turn around for us, we will get that break, that job, finish that education, or even find that perfect person, and our lives will transform.  We will then be able to live that beautiful, wonderful prosperous and happy life that we have always hoped we would.  Once we get to the perfect scenario, whatever that is for us, we will then have the perfect life.  The problem seems to be that over and over again, we never do get there.  And many of us lament by indulging in whatever our favorite addiction is, including overeating. 


The holistic lifestyle is not like that at all! It is not the “perfect life,” that many of us seem to think we need.  In fact, part of it is the acknowledgement of the difficulties one has throughout life. It would be wonderful if all was exactly wonderful and happy all the time.  We know different, it isn’t.  We all have challenges and each of our challenges, our difficulties are different.  Perhaps you have no trouble maintaining your weight in a healthy range but smoke cigarettes,  take street drugs or misuse prescription drugs, overuse alcoholic beverages, or and here’s another common one, bully others for fun and profit.  Any of those habits may bring instantaneous gratification but inevitably will bring you back much pain and suffering, more than if you hadn’t succumbed to them.  What are we all accomplishing by this?  Are we afraid of something?


Perhaps we are afraid of the truth, the truth of having to learn through the challenges.  The truth that there is no “easy button”; we have to face our challenges, our difficulties.  We learn one new thing and think we can then go on to apply that newly acquired knowledge to learning another thing.  We find out that sometimes we are right, other times, wrong, but mostly we are partially right and partially wrong.  And there is no one around who is waiting and willing to give us the right answer.  This is where we begin to think of ourselves as unable to find the answer.  We think we must give up now; we are condemned to life as it now is, and we are helpless to change anything, especially ourselves. 


Often we become sad and depressed at this time.  We think we have worked hard with nothing to show for it.  So it is time to give up.  No, this is not the time to give up.  It is the time for learning.  We learn that we have a strength within that never quits and we can draw on it whenever we want; no matter how bad, how defeated we may feel.  We learn we need to “get our hands dirty” and maybe get everything dirty, as we go around doing this and doing that, making mistake after mistake, until we finally discover what it is we need to do to learn the new thing.  When we do this, our thinking clears up and we stop lying to ourselves.  We stop saying those awful lies like, “well I tried that but it didn’t work.”  We start instead to acknowledge the many accomplishments we all have made.  We realize that our work so far has brought us many gifts, of all kinds, the tangible and intangible.  We realize we have come to this point now to learn a bit more and to do that we must enlist our own powers of strength from within, not give up saying a lie like, “it didn’t work.”   And as we go within to seek out the truth we now wish to learn, we make a decision about ourselves.  We decide, that whatever it is we want, to have a healthy, fit body, to have a wonderful, satisfying career, to make a lot of money and have a luxurious lifestyle, to find and marry the person of our dreams, or, whatever it is, we do have that ability, if only we would acknowledge it.  It is not found by overeating, overindulging in alcohol, drugs of any kind, or the worst of all, verbally or physically abusing others (e.g. being a bully). It only comes from acknowledging the strength within that is needed to continue to pursue in the learning process needed to find our wisdom.  And from that strength we realize that it takes strength to be kind, to ourselves and to others.  We realize the common lies about being tough and mean and see them for the fear that lies behind them.  We realize that when we do release our fears, we finally do have true courage, true wisdom. We can accomplish we want.  And we do it with kindness, perhaps one of the ultimate traits of the wise person.

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