Never Give Up



Have you ever seen a tree with a funny looking shape?  It twists and turns differently than other trees of its species, perhaps even its growth was stunted.  Chances are that as a young seedling,  it might have had barriers around it such as a large boulder or object placed in spaces where growth would normally occur, thus stunting, disfiguring the growth of the tree.  Yet many of such trees continue to growth and bear their fruit despite such obstacles.  In applying that to humans, many of us will easily recall the barriers that have prevented us from achieving the things we wanted yet others, achieve things beyond their dreams in spite of many obstacles.  Why is it that some succeed while others don’t?  Perhaps it is having the spirit of never giving up the dream, the tenacity and perseverance that continues, no matter what else is happening. 


Some people think they are too depressed to have that.  They have tried everything, they may say, and still things just don’t happen the way they want.  Perseverance doesn’t happen like that.  As the great Winston Churchill has said, “Never, never, never, never, never give up.”  Seems like a simple statement yet how do you do it, you may be thinking, in the face of, a bad economy, no jobs, no money, no resources, no (insert your favorite negativity here, if you wish.)  You can put in your “negativity” or excuse there if you wish or you may instead wish how to do it.  The choice is really that simple.  Though actual work of obtaining your goal, however, may take lots of time and effort, making a choice is really that simple.  And it will never start without making that simple decision, the one that you will have your dream, no matter what.   You just start with wherever you are at the present time.


Actually, starting is highly variable, but just for “starters” let’s start with thoughts.  What are your thoughts when you think of obtaining or achieving your dreams?  Or do you even have any dreams?  Perhaps you need to implant some dreams first, those lost dreams you used to have that you have replaced with a limiting, make-due kind of lifestyle.  If you are there, decide right now to let go of that and start living, really living not just subsisting.  What is it that you once wanted, as a child, a teenager, or even perhaps as a young adult?  What is it you really wanted but someone or something made you reconsider it?  You made the decision some where along the way that you would not be able to have it.  If you know what I am talking about, know this, it was all a lie.  You can have it; you must first, however, make that simple decision that you will have it.


If you have decided to have your dreams, or perhaps you are just struggling to obtain them, you next have to clear your path.  This part of the process never stops because it is called life.  There will however be breaks, opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere, happy times and easy times.  But one thing is certain, as long as you are alive, the inevitable challenges will continue.  Knowing this is not an easy task for some but taken far too seriously for others.  First decide which way you tend to think about this, easy or hardcore lifestyle.  If you think life should be easy at all times, how do you handle it when tough times come to you?  Many of us will get pretty depressed during those times; we may even think we may need to give up on our dreams.  Don’t do it.  If this sounds familiar to you, stop right now.  No matter how miserable, defeated or depressed you may be, decide you will have your dreams, no matter what.  Realize now that challenges are your “muscle” to develop on the path to your dreams.  Give up on the lies of self-defeat, stop beating yourself up (or worse others) and make the decision to have your dreams.  Allow the “bad,” challenging times to happen knowing that you are developing “muscles” of strength this way; and do what you can to soothe yourself as needed.   Even temporarily take a pause if you must, but never stop.  Never give up.  Start again wherever you are, problem-solving if need be what when wrong and what else needs to be done.  Perhaps you find that modification of what you want exactly is in order.  You may have discovered, while preserving on your path, that there is something even better waiting for you!  If so, that is a good time to make changes, changes for the better, never for worse.  Never compromise, only trade up. 


But perhaps you are someone who fits in that other category, the one who thinks life is always bad, always painful.  You may think, even if it is on some deep level, that your purpose is to sacrifice your life for others, and that no one is ever really happy.  Or you may think that the only way to feel good is to take from others.  You may be someone who struggles daily to do their best for others, the “perfect wife.”  Or you may be someone who has given in to a life of complete selfishness, even criminal behavior.  These are the two extreme lifestyles of people who have committed their thoughts to the idea of life and people as always miserable.  You too can easily make that decision.  Go back and think of a time where you felt wonderful[1].  It could have happened when you were a child, a teenager or any time during your adult years.  That is the feeling where you would have had thoughts about your true dreams.  That is where you go to remember your dreams.  Make your decision to look at things realistically.  Give up the lies you have adapted as “real life” and remember what real life is.  It was that time when you felt so wonderful.


The path takes time and it is unique to everyone.  But the decision to live a life devoted to your dreams is simple.  Living your dreams is really the only way to live a life that is satisfying and thus happy.  You may find that both overindulgence and over-punishment are both unhappy lifestyles.  You do need some challenges but you need satisfaction as well.  Meeting your challenges to uncover and then live your dream is the way to have a deeply satisfying and happy life.  It all starts with that simple decision to follow your dreams. What is your decision? 



[1] If you are thinking about a time you felt “good” when you had it over on someone else think again. That is a passing feeling, like the high you get from drugs or alcohol.  And we all know how passing that kind of high is and what the consequences are.  You will reap the consequences of any behavior of that kind and those kinds of highs will bring the inevitable lows.  This is not satisfaction or happiness.

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