Many of us have been discouraged or even depressed during these trying economic times.  However, as adults, we have learned some valuable lessons, not of the least of which involves controlling those depressing thoughts.  To be able to pick oneself up and start over is the mark of a great person.  But how?  Well it all starts with….a thought.







Your thoughts are the beginning of your own creations and further you can think the thoughts you wish.  Think of it this way, as a child, you are not responsible for many things that adults are.  That is because as we become adults, we learn skills that we didn’t have as a child.  However, many people cling to feelings of childish dependencies, never acknowledging and thus fully developing some traits that other adults have developed.  Often women do this as they have retained the false ideas of their own vulnerabilities as women.  We know now without a doubt that women are fully human (lol)!  And as such, any woman is fully capable of being responsible for as well as creating her own thoughts.  This is not entirely a women’s thing as sometimes men will often take on those helpless kinds of feelings when it comes to choosing thoughts.  Let us all learn to be fully grown up and take charge of own thoughts.  The most successful people in the world have done so but anyone can.  Thoughts are truly things and they are the beginning of any action.  Let’s create our own worlds in thought and then follow through in action.  There is no time for depressing and self-defeating thoughts.  Think of what you want, design it, and then let it rip.

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