September: Encouraging Words

If you are new to this website or have not yet done the 30 day program, currently free – just go to the archives, start with Week 1 Day 1, read the entry for the day, meditating on it.  The best thing would be to print it all out and carry it with you throughout the day, recalling it, especially if your thoughts become in any way negative.  At the start of this program, you are to right down your goal, whether it is a weight loss, to quit/reduce your smoking, to make more money, to increase your self-esteem, the program will work for any of these things.  Once you write down your goal as well as a plan to implement it, you just read and meditate on it and the writings I have for each day.  By the end of the 30 days, you will see an amazing progress toward the accomplishment of your goal. 


Though after 30 days there is significant headway, the results are amazing after 90 days.  A 90 day program will become available when I complete my second book.  The first book, described previously on this website is an absolute minimum for the best accomplishment of your goals.  You’ll want to order it before you even start the 30 days to give you some ideas of how to implement a successful plan to accomplish your goals.

Additionally, as also mentioned here, I am a life coach and will assist you with a accomplishing your plans.  Please phone me at 810-845-6766 or email me at or just leave a comment here to find out more about these things.


For those of you who have been working on this, I welcome hearing about your successes.


All the best always,



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