Love who you are

Loving who you are, right, easier said than done particularly if you are struggling to loose weight.  But even the richest and those considered most attractive people in the world continue to struggle with their physical image.  Yet it can be done.  Consider first that there is no such thing as an ugly person, period.  There are however a wide variety of different looks among the human species.  We have learned to love those "ugly" dogs, consider what is often said about them, that they are "so ugly they are cute." Why can we not do the same with people? Beauty, as it has been said so many times, is in the eyes of the beholder.  Each and every one of us is beautiful. 
To find your own beauty, you need to go back and look at pictures of yourself at all ages, from day 1 on. Find those you like the best and see, really see your own beauty.  If you have pictures of parents, grandparents or even older ancestors, find the ones you resemble and pick those best traits you have in common, being sure to find the pictures of them you would consider attractive.  If you are fortunate enough to have children or even more fortunate to have grandchildren, you will see your own physical beauty in them as well.  Consider those physical traits you have in common with all the relatives you resemble and "package them" in your mind. That is your beauty type and it is probably as unique as each snowflake is from another snowflake.  Now fantasize how your "type" is now considered as the most beautiful type on the planet currently (you need to really do this!)  Once you are able to put that picture in your mind or perhaps putting out the best looking picture you can get of yourself or a relative you resemble, you will over time accumulate the image of yourself as very physically attractive and unique.
Now you never want to make the mistake of feeling you are superior to others.  On the contrary, as you feel good about your own beauty, use that feeling to find beauty in all others you meet. There are so many varieties of beauty in the world, like different varieties of flowers or flavors of wine.  Learn to enjoy them all and that way you will learn to love and enjoy your own life more.
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