Let’s face it, things are not easy right now for almost everyone.  And even if you are one of the few who does have a secure, comfortable income you must have many in your circle who have lost their jobs, retirements, or even their homes.  There is no smoothing over it, times are tough.  The best thing about this is that many of us are learning new ways to cope with it all.  We are digging deep to utilize skills we have not used for some time or discovering new ones we never knew we had, all just to make a living. 


If you are like most, you have had times of feeling anxious, even extremely anxious and even depressed.  If you have succumbed to those emotions and states, do not beat yourself up about it.  Instead consider this, you do not have the luxury to think that way.  Perhaps you have heard that before.  It is one of those simple, yet profound ideas that many of us may take a lifetime to learn.  Notice that in the statement the word, “think” is used.  Focus on the idea that it is in thinking about the ideas which cause you to feel depression and anxiety. It is the thought which is actually causing your negative emotions.  Now consider what those thoughts are, perhaps things like how am I going to pay the mortgage, where is the money coming from, etc. Realize firmly that thinking is the actual cause not the events  to which you subscribe such “power” that are "causing" your negative feelings.  Now you may be thinking that it is all so easy to say this.  If so, then don’t believe it, just consider it, or as a wonderful person we all know, John Lennon, said, imagine.  And now, imagine what the opposite, the positive would be.  Think and feel the opposite of the negative thoughts.  Instead of not having enough to pay the bills, you would imagine what it would be like to have an overflowing abundance of money to not only pay the bills but have plenty left over.  Then after the thought, notice the great feeling it brings.  That is what you want, that great feeling.


We can use our imagination to recreate our lives in any way we chose whether it is for financial security, love and friendships or to have a slim, “hard” body.  Try the following steps to put this in practice whenever you are feeling insecure, powerless, frightened and/or depressed:


1.   Keep in mind that your negative thoughts are things you can control and change.

2.   Consider each negative thought separately.

3.   Take the individual negative thought and transform it to a thought you would prefer if your life were exactly the way you want.  For example if you are worried about not having enough money, imagine how great you would feel if you had unlimited money.  Change the thought, for example of ‘how am I going to pay all these bills this month’ to ‘I have unlimited amount of money coming to me from the abundant, overflowing universe.  I can thus easily pay all my bills and have an excess.’

4.   Know that even if it sounds silly to you, it is like anything else, practice does make perfect.  Even if things don’t work out exactly the way you want, don’t give up on it. 

5.   Set aside a time each day to practice this, even if it is only 5 minutes a day.  Your persistence in this will bring success in the long run just like your persistence with anything else.  You will establish it as a habit in this way, a great habit.

6. As successes happen, no matter how small at first, be sure to acknowledge them in some way and be happy with your ability to create a happy life.



Now for the “hard body” part, whenever you are feeling depressed, discouraged, anxious, (or fat) whatever the negative feeling, do something, in short move and/or breathe!  If you can, do a workout, check out the fitness channel if you have cable, put on a DVD or even an old VCR of a workout to follow, or just get out and walk.  You can walk around the inside or outside of a building even if you are at work. At a minimum, go into the restroom and breathe in and out deeply at least for 1 minute.  And while doing so, put in your thoughts of your hard, healthy body, a body that can stand up to anything!

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