No matter how positive we may begin our day or week, no matter how much work we have done on ourselves with things like visualization, meditation, etc., we inevitably run into one or more circumstances that may cause us to doubt ourselves and/or our best goals.  Some of the great teachers have said such limiting kinds of thinking are not the real truth, ergo they are lies.  However you chose to view them, lies or choices, you do have a choice.  When meeting with negative people, especially those who may have the biggest influence upon you, you must remember not to join them in their negative thinking.  It is not wise to try to convince them otherwise; often they will fight you to the death to claim the "truth" of their limited, negative thinking.  Instead, humor them, in whatever way works at the time.  You can let them think you may indeed agree with them, when in you certainly do not.  In fact, you can agree with them while thinking to yourself that indeed it all may be truth to them, in their own private delusions that is. 
In choosing to life a wonderful life, we may be challenged at times by many who wish to "debunk" us. It is not wise to share your highest dreams and goals with those who chose to think more negatively. To continue to focus on your highest and happiest goals, you must design a "room" or even a whole "world" to walk into during your meditation/visualization.  Begin by thinking of a song, an image, an experience or anything that makes you smile, even laugh with lots of delight and satisfaction. As you think of it, whatever it is, realize how wonderful the feeling and how nice it would be to feel like that all the time.  This is your Truth.  You must not share it with any who would want to corrupt it for you in any way, but realize that no one could do that…only you could.  In your happy vision, build onto it anything you wish to have that hasn’t come yet, like, perhaps that healthy, slimmer body, smoke-free you don’t need the cigarettes or drugs, or addiction to drama, negativity, bullying others, or even allowing others to bullying you.  You focus on being financially secure, doing the kind of work that you find fulfilling, enjoying your pasttimes, whatever it is you like that makes you truly happy.  Keeping your thoughts on what you want, feel completely confident that it is all coming to you, regardless of anything others are doing around you or in the world, you will find that indeed it is coming.  And since you are now focused on your good, you can recognize it when it does come.  If you were focused on the negativities around you, you might not see it since, unfortunately, you were clouded with negative thougts.
If you like to read, keep positive thinking kinds of books around you to read if only briefly when you have a few minutes.  Or use DVD’s, CD’s to do the same. 
Remember to take time to make someone else feel good, if you think they will accept some good from you. (Don’t waste your time with the negative folks. They’ve got their minds made up.)  Spreading around good to others is usually free and you always get it back.  Here’s hoping you find your happiest life.  Remember, keep your focus on it!
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