The Beautiful You Campaign



Do you realize the true You, which is often referred to as the Higher Self, is never overweight by an ounce?  Do you realize that the Real You is a beautiful, unique, gorgeous individual, and that each of us is uniquely beautiful, just as each snowflake is?  It is true.  It is the wonderful, simple truth that too many of us go on with our daily business to forget about far too often, perhaps even for an entire lifetime.  How sad is that!


But how does it all happen?  How does that beautiful baby, that sweet lovely child that we all once were turn into what we have become now, whether it is 10, 20, 100 or even more pounds overweight?  How did that happen?  Where did that beautiful snowflake,  that unique person go?


The answer, quite simply, is that we let her (or him) go.  Yes, that’s right we ourselves did it!  I can hear the anger in your voice right now yelling at me, but what about the abusive father? What about everything my mother taught me?! What about the years of spouse abuse?  What about the fact that I couldn’t get into college?  (Etc, etc…..add here your excuse.)


But wait!  My point here is not to re-victimize you!  Yes, my dear friend, you have been victimized far too much!  But if I say to you that you were indeed in bad circumstances, far beyond your control then I am also saying that you cannot control yourself now.  And I am also saying that you are condemned to a life of being overweight or obese, miserably depressed and unhappy in your life with no power to do anything about it. 


No doubt, if you were born into a family where tremendous abuse occurred, you can definitely make the argument for being a victim.  But now you are no longer that hurt child.  Perhaps it was less severe for you, simply a lifestyle that otherwise loving parents taught you.  You are now an adult, a powerful adult. And as a powerful adult, you can create and redesign your life…simply by allowing the unique self to enter.


I realize that is far easier said than done.  Because to realize a Truth is far different than to simply want to realize it.  The first step however is to want to realize it.  And in order for that to happen, you must let go of your victimhood.  Give up your cause, whatever it is, for whatever it was that “happened” to you which has “caused” you to be overweight, depressed, smoking too much, drugs, alcohol, etc., give it up right now.  Yes, give it up!  What is the worst that would happen if you did?  Why not give it a trial, just for now, you can always go back to it later (though I don’t recommend that you do.)


So once you have convinced yourself that the “Cause” is no longer important, you must replace it immediately with your resolve to have a “Beautiful Me” campaign. 


What is this Beautiful Me Campaign all about?  Is it adapting some kind of haughty, arrogant bitch façade?  No, most definitely, it is not that.  What it is though is simply recognizing you.  Sound too simple?  Most profound and life changing philosophy is.  Simply start by making an agreement with yourself that you will no longer deny yourself.  You will now allow your true, beautiful, unique self entrance into your life.  She (or he) will be so delighted something wonderful will happen to you as soon as you do this.  (so make of whatever it was…don’t take it for granted.)


So start now and I don’t care how depressed and miserably you are.  Resolve to set a time aside each day, say 15 minutes, whether it is in the morning before you start your day or in the evening before you go to sleep.  It doesn’t matter when just pick the best time for you, or even a random time if you live a random kind of life.  That time must be Sacred, though because it is your time to rediscover yourself and begin your new, unique, beautiful, ecstatically happy life. 

Who are you?  Please, let me in on it too!  I want to hear from you.

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