The 2 Simple Steps of Success

The 2 Simple Steps of Any Success


If one wishes to change something about themselves such as to lose weight, stop smoking or using too much alcohol or drugs, to stop negative thinking, to make more money, etc. there are two essential points:


1.    Make a negative statement into a positive statement.

2.    Picture your success.


As simple as these two steps are to put into words, putting them into action may not seem as simple or easy to do.  Yet when we actually do them, these steps, which are the final acts of the success we are seeking, are actually very simple.  The work and complications that we imagine it would take to get to our goals are, as is stated here, where the difficulties in getting to our successes lie.  In other words and to put it simply, we often make things more complicated than is necessary.


Let’s see what the process of working with the statements above would look like to create success in your life.  It often seems easier to state what we don’t want than what we do.  For example if we smoke and have tried to quit it may seem almost impossible at times to quit.  Instead of thinking of quitting smoking, focus your thoughts on a smoke-free life and what that would look like.  For example, your clothes and hair would be fresher, your lungs and respiratory system would be healthier and thus your entire body would be healthier.  As a result you would have more energy and as a result you would be freer to do more enjoyable things and thus have a happier life.  Continue to build on these on ideas and form a solid picture in your mind.  Once you have that picture, translate that picture of health into a positive statement or affirmation.  It may sound something like, “ I am a smoke-free person, a healthy person who lives a healthy life, with healthy lungs and respiratory system.  I breath in air fully with my healthy lungs which prepare the oxygen I take in for transport throughout my body, making my body healthy and happy.” 

You would then write down that statement or affirmation, perhaps you have several, and carry it with you.  You start your day with the affirmation, repeating it aloud, perhaps writing it down again each morning and making the clear picture in your mind each time.  Throughout your day, you pull it out, look at it and recall the picture in your mind.


After this is done for a number of days, it will become your new habit, a habit of a successful, fulfilling and happy life.


For more help with this, consider my book and/or consultations, which are described on this web page.  I welcome and look forward to getting feedback from you.



Today I recall all the blessings of the past year and remember that there are many more to come.  I know that

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