Starting Over During These Tough Times


Though I remain convinced that it is necessary to focus on positive things, we must deal with what’s on our plates right now. If you are in the midst of down-sizing, job loss and/or then having a job you haven’t done since you were decades younger, money loss with the same bills, etc. etc. perhaps the last things you want to hear is to put on a happy face. Many of us have gone far beyond anger, depression, we may even feel we have lost ourselves. This may be especially true if you are one of the many who have even lost their homes, perhaps even your dream home.

In no way do I want to insult you by telling you to “think positive” as if that would cure everything. How could you have a positive mind and smile on your face if you lost everything. But think about it a minute if you will bear with me. What is it you have lost? Is it a lucrative job, a large comfortable home, big car, pension plan, etc. That is indeed a lot to have lost. I do not want tell you that you don’t have a loss. What I do want to tell you is that you still have that ability within you to get it all back. Think about it. You created all of it didn’t you? Was it just handed over to you or did you have to work for it? Most likely you worked very hard to achieve a prosperous lifestyle. That is good news if that is true because it means you have within you the ability to create another prosperous lifestyle for yourself once again.

What if you were born in a 3rd world country. If so, you might not have even had an opportunity to create wealth for yourself. You might have grown up in a dangerous, dirty slum with not enough to even eat every day. Your parents might have survived by selling things on the street or a local market enabling them to buy minimal food with very occasional bit of clothing or anything else. Some of those very impoverished people however, kept a spark of hope alive within hearts. One day, some of them encountered an opportunity. Perhaps a westerner, someone from the USA was in their village, saw that spark and offered to sponsor them to come the USA to study. Perhaps it was something else. But the reason they took advantage of the opportunity was only because that kept that spark alive. And that spark is why they realized their opportunity had finally come. Without that spark, they might not have realized the opportunity existed or turned it down due to being too depressed or discouraged.

When I served in the Peace Corp in Paraguay, I learned about that spark. I saw local people who were poorer than anyone I ever knew before, yet they seemed so much happier than even some rich people I knew. These people taught me about real happiness, a much greater gift than anything I could ever give to them.

Let’s all keep alive that spark within. It may get small at times, but let’s nourish it. It will grow larger and larger. Then when our opportunities come to us, we will recognize them. We can then start over and rebuild, perhaps an even better life than we ever had. It could only be wiser life as we now know that no one could ever put out that spark or take away our abilities. Unless of course we do it ourselves.

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