Fun During Mercury Retrograde


Mercury is retrograde now for a bit of time, I think it is a month or so. But I’m not trying to be accurate here about the exact times. You can look it up for yourself. Or if you don’t know how, email me personally and I’ll explain it.

But the point is, that Mercury retrograde is time when you definitely do not want to start new things. Communication is awful. Many things go awry. Does all that sound negative to you? Well, it’s not intended to sound that way. My intent is to accept the reality of a situation in front of me at the moment. Though it is not good to start a new project just right now, it is a good time to do many other things. In fact, despite that I have lots of Mercury in my chart (in fact I have the Sun, Mercury and Uranus all in Gemini, being that Gemini is ruled by Mercury), I have learned how to utilize this time to work on all those projects I once started and never finished. In fact, I welcome this time as I use it as a break to clean up all that old stuff. I don not, however, put any deadlines on myself for any of this. if I did that, I would be going against the tide because mercury retrograde does not like deadlines. Because these old projects are what I would categorize as “non-essentials”, there is no need for a deadline. And thus they become fun projects, things I work on to have fun during leisure times such as mercury retrograde periods.

Some of the things I like to doing currently during these times include reorganizing my spare bedroom into a home office/healing space, gardening, painting my dining room and hallway, etc. As far as painting, I painted my living, so far, three different colors: peach, red, and green. I chose shades in all these colors that really work well together and it looks beautiful.  My adjoining dining room will be a yellow with red trim in one area and blue in another. The blue trim will go into the kitchen for a new color project there. And the yellow will continue into the hallway steps leading into the basement and the hallway where the bedrooms are.

I love color. Don’t get me started talking about all the colors of my many decorative accessories. And though my accessories are  quite decorative, most of them have deep meaning for me, some being Sacred Pagan objects. Do you have a lot of color in your life? Do you have sacred objects?  Why not add it all to your life and see how it manifest into a deeper more meaningful life for you.  What do you think?  Does all of this sound like creating a happy life? 

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