Happy Un-Labor Day Weekend


September 4, 2010

Saturday morning. Ahhhhh. A chance to relax and wind down after a week of work. I love to cherish these beautiful end of Summer, beginning of Fall seasons here in Michigan where we have such a dramatic change of climate each year. I have also lived in tropical climates closer to the equator where little change of season occurred. I found I have enjoyed both. In the Caribbean where I once lived temporarily the seasons did not show so much change, just a few degrees of temperature. I did not miss the Michigan climate changes there. But here I am back in Michigan and I find that I do enjoy the change again, except of course for the extreme cold. Then however, during the cold months, it is always nice to hibernate at home, curling up with good books, movies, hot chocolate as well as getting out in the crisp, cold of Mother Nature.

I seem to enjoy the variety of Mother Earth’s Seasons where ever I am living. The essence of this enjoyment I believe is in my ability to derive enjoyment from where ever I am at in the moment. This is something I have learned from listening to and studying under very many wise people. Of course there are negative things. You can find negativity in any situation no matter what. Being rich?? Some may complain about all the work involved in handling all their money. Too beautiful? Some may complain about getting too much attention. Get the idea?

The great spiritual teacher Abraham, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many other wise teachers have taught us that we get what we focus on. This is the whole idea of gratitude and the idea that what we focus on will increase. Why? Because we are all co-creators. Want job success? Then picture exactly what you want that to look like. When you do that, you will find ideas come to you to improve things in the direction you want to go. If you complain and focus on all the bad things about your job well guess what, that will increase for you too. Now I don’t mean to victim blame here. Sure, stuff happens. Sadness, unfortunate situations and tragedies. If you are having bad times, the last thing you need to do is focus on those bad times because things will not get better. In a few words, if you’re bitter it won’t get better. Want better? Think better. Want a thinner body? Then picture it now. Want to find the perfect one to love? Then picture that person now and don’t forget to put yourself in it. If you’re mean and petty how would you expect to get Mr. or Ms. Sweetheart? Start by being a sweetheart yourself. That works the same with money. You won’t get money if you feel you are a poor victim. Money won’t come to a poor person and even if it tries to, it wouldn’t stay long. Start by picturing yourself rich beyond your dreams. Start right now with John Lennon’s advice: Imagine!

Me, I hear complaints and see bad things all the time. Right now I am social worker, working with mentally ill children and their parents. I see some really awful things. But I also keep focused on what good could come out of it. I never preach, or at least attempt not to do so. I do try to inspire. I picture what could be in the lives of others and help to inspire that in them, gradually, as they are ready.

What is it you want? Imagine you have it. Oh and by the way. If you are having a long weekend like me, why not savor and enjoy it right now in the best way that suits you and your loved ones.


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2 Responses to Happy Un-Labor Day Weekend

  1. Andrea Bergstrom says:

    I love this post!!!!! Lots of positive thinking…….

    • greanwitch says:

      thank you so much Andrea and I hope you had a great labor day weekend as well. I write these articles for myself as much as others as I continue to struggle at times with negativities of my past. And there are times to process the negativities in order to release and transform them. But I am getting better all the time on keeping the focus on the postive. I appreciate your feedback very much.

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