Weight Management is Pain Management


Have you discovered your own style of overeating? Most of us have patterns. Here’s a common one. We notice how overweight we have become and commit to beginning a “diet” or even go so far as to commit to starting a healthy lifestyle, we pick a date to start it, after choosing a way to do it, and begin. We do okay for a week, 2 weeks maybe even longer but then, finding ourselves “starving” give in to a fast food splurge, or perhaps an ice cream, cookie, cake, candy binge and declare ourselves a failure. Or perhaps we just say to ourselves we were meant to be fat. That our round bodies are natural to us. If that is you, then you are in the majority of American women. If you identify with this, going on many different food plans, diets, exercise regimes than this is all about you. In fact, I am also describing myself here and my “adventures” with weight loss and gain over the years.

Of course there are many other patterns, and some conditions like anorexia nervosa and bulimia or those who have accumulated weight in excess of 50 pounds or so beyond your BMI should always be professionally treated, but some of you may also benefit with this brief article.

And also there are many of you who may have read the above and say well its not me because I persist a lot longer than a week or two, but sadly I do eventually after months or years, put on the extra weight. Or perhaps you are someone who is even afraid to even to begin a weight loss program. It is way too frightening to even think about it. You may benefit from this as well.

There are many weight loss management programs out there. Many people find that as long as they have a support group, attend and thus pay their dues, they are okay. When they leave the group and attempt to do it on their own, the weight comes back. Here is why that happens. As some very wise people have said, it not what you eat but what is eating you. In other words, it is your pain. We eat as a way to deal with our pain. Pain we accumulate during childhood and not just those of us who have acknowledged child abuse and/or neglect but even among those of you who feel you have had a great childhood, continues throughout our lives unless we manage it . Even in the loving families, children will inadvertently experience situations where they feel that they took on painful experiences in one way or another. It takes just one misconception by a child’s mind, to create a life of pain, no matter how great everything in a childhood may seem.  For example, perhaps you have looked up to an aunt,uncle or grandparent but they once said something that shamed you, or they laughed at you and you continue to unconsciously hold on to it.  That may result in a wide range of patterns in your life. Perhaps because someone caused you to feel less intelligent, you believed it, never went to college and thus never develop talents you may have.  You may resent others who developed the same talent you have and overeat to cover your resentments and jealousies.  You may even become depressed as a result.  This is but one of many possibilities.

This idea of pain is something that can take awhile to sort out and deal with successfully. Each person as their own, unique story. This brief article is way to begin but I encourage you to seek additional counseling with more successfully deal with it.

Here are a few basic steps in ridding yourself of what it is that is eating you, the pain. The best way to do this is to do them in sequence otherwise it may be either overwhelming or unsuccessful These are things I do in my own private practice (as well as in my own life)  and find them to be very successful in assisting others with pain release and creating a happy, satisfying life.

  1. For starters, you must identify that the pain exists. You may already know it but some of you need to spend the time in discovering it more. It is the “white elephant” in the room if you deny it. So start here.

  2. Acknowledge this pain as an energy and meditate on this energy. Ask yourself how you feel it your body, what it is has done for you, what it causes you to do. Do this meditation daily.

  3. After about a week of this, you should begin to feel relief from the pain, less urges to overeat, and will soon begin to see a weight loss.

  4. Unfortunately, when we are stressed, we may restart our habits and thus we need to go back to step one. This often happens so automatically, we don’t realize it. Thus we must commit to weighing ourselves at least weekly and some say even daily. When our weight starts coming back, we must realize we have reverting back to our old habits and must start back with step one again.

These four steps repeated with the help of good counseling will result in establishing new habits, new ways to look at ourselves and we see the results.  Once you do this work, you can begin to create a happy, healthy fulfilling life, a life you deserve to have. You can create a life you want to have not a life of pain.

If you would like to schedule private sessions, please leave me a message here, phone me at 810-845-6766 or email greenbridge36@hotmail.com. I do both in person (I live near Flint, Michigan) and phone appointment.

Brightest Blessings,


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