Stop Being Your Own Prisoner, Free Yourself Just for the Fun of It

Sometimes I wonder, perhaps like many of us do, what is my purpose here during this lifetime. As I look back, I find that I did indeed have accomplishments but also many things that just didn’t work. And also like many, I have developed that kind of perfectionism where I often focus too much on those things that didn’t work, instead of following the advice of the wise to focus on what I want. When I do that, I find myself worrying and fretting and actually not even doing things that I have had no trouble doing in the past.. That is, I found that I am struggling with my own truth which is doing the very things I can do. So why is it we spend so much time worrying about things? It never helps to worry; it just makes us feel paralyzed, like a prisoner of our own fears, a prisoner of life. There must, I was wondering, a way to note the things we feel we must accomplish without the worry.
Well of course there is. And all of us have done that, we just didn’t take the time to note we were doing it. Think now of a time during your childhood when you felt really good. What was it you were doing at that time? Was it because of a task you did, an activity, or just being with others? I recall that I did very well in school, early on, because I had a beloved grandfather who taught me to read and do math before I went to school. That created a great deal of confidence and satisfaction in my ability to succeed academically in school, though at the time, at my young age, I didn’t really analyze it like that. I just let the success be in me.
What was it you thought about when I asked what it was that made you feel good during your childhood? Do you feel the confidence you had in that area? By remembering these simple things, we can bring them into our present life and realize we are capable of feeling good, confident, without a care in the world. We can start our days, make our best plans and then just let it happen, feeling good about whatever we want. The idea of having preparation ahead of time, like I discussed my early learning experiences with my grandfather, can pave the way for us to accomplish those things that are new to us. We must remember that we will be attracted to do those things that we actually can accomplish. But we also need to give ourselves a break and realize it will take time to prepare and practice, sometimes, before we are feeling the confidence of the success. We don’t always instantly learn new things. We need to stop punishing ourselves saying to ourselves we can’t do something, when all it would take is sufficient preparation to succeed at it.
Start your week today, recalling things you want but are yet unsure of how to do them. Remember that all you need to do is prepare for your success with them. Take it step by step. Find our what the needed preparation is and then do it. Stick with the preparation until you feel confident, remembering that you can do almost anything with the right amount of practice. And then, when you do feel confident, just put one foot in front of the other and take the steps. Remember though, it all starts with that first step.

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