Soothing Your Soul: How to Join the Culture of Healthy Eating and Still Enjoy It

Whatever your religious or spiritual views and whether you believe in astrology or not, the talk about the recent Eclipse has been going on among all kinds of people. Some expect it to bring about good things, others fear for bad events and still others talk about delays in events they want to happen. Whatever you think, there has been a lot of talk about it. And the talk of others does have an influence on all of us, even if only momentarily. I use the word momentarily here to illustrate an important point, that point being is that we can control how we think and feel. In other words, our mindset, our modus operandi or usual way of thinking, feeling and being, is something we can, as adults, arrange to be the way we choose.

Certainly, as children, most of us were not able to easily do that though some really stubborn children can do so at times. Most children take the opinions of those around them as their own. Then as the child grows, she will create a life based on those opinions. Those of us who are beyond age 30 can look back at some the “mistakes” we made based upon opinions we had that didn’t work so well. After age 30 or so, many of us begin to reconstruct, to relearn so we can avoid the problems of the past. Of course you have a choice always. You don’t have to learn anything. Now what was that defintion of insanity? Oh yes, it’s doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Sort of like operating your computer, you need to learn how to do something correctly because the computer will only operate according to certain rules.  It won’t change because you are mad or upset.  Yes, there’s the “rule” word, one that many of us continue to rebel against well in adult years. But think of it as something you can’t change, like the weather or then can you? Hmmmm…well any way whether you can change the weather or anything most “rules” are pretty stubbornly there for now. Throwing temper tantrums doesn’t change them. Most adults learn at least that much. Many of us go on to realize that we just have to face the facts that exist for us at any particular moment.

The same is true when we wish to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Lying to ourselves about how much we eat doesn’t matter, the weight simply won’t come off that way. How do you know if you are in denial about how much you eat? If you become angry or upset when someone says anything like denial about how much people eat or  if you feel you must defend how little you eat and still are overweight, then you my friend are in denial. Those who aren’t, won’t want to defend anything.

However, since there is so much information and talk about weight loss, many of us learned how to give up on our denial. We know we eat far too much yet we do it any way. Very much like an addiction, it is a habit, a way we developed to cope with stress and daily life. We often use it to, “soothe our souls” so to speak. Perhaps you have even learned to “deprive” yourself of overeating for a significant period of times, months, even years. Yet there you go again, back to the culture of overeating. How to cope, how to cope.

There is hope, there is a way. Why not join the Culture of Healthy Eating instead. It has begun and is slowly developing. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you decide to join:

  • Think of food as a fuel for your body. You put in just enough to keep it going. Like with a car in putting in oil or gasoline, you don’t want to overflow the tank or you’ll damage the engine.
  • Think of the quality of the food you put into your precious body. Bad food is very much like poison. It is a slow poison, killing you over many years, but is a poison nevertheless. You can eat one brownie once and awhile, maybe even 2. You could even plan to have one a day, if you plan it well enough. But eating them every day along with cake, ice cream, candy, and then greasy burgers and fries etc. now that is poison.
  • Daily meditation is a wonderful practice in transforming your life. Check with the best: Deepak Chopra, Dali Lama, and many, many more. Do not overlook the simplicity, it works, hands down.
  • Creative visualization is a thinking and feeling way of transformation. An excellent master in this is Shakti Gawain especially her book, Creative Visualization. I must say that book was instrumental in transforming me.
  • Don’t overlook your own sabotage. Debbie Ford is a master in this with her books on the shadow. We all have shadows. The shadow is most effective in sabotaging you when you deny it’s existence.
  • Remember to cherish and honor yourself, holistically. We exist as body, mind and soul. We must cherish and honor ourselves, wholly and completely. In other words, soothe your soul in the best possible ways.
  • Take time out to really enjoy and relish yourself. Really do up the soothe your soul stuff and get addicted to that. Check out author, Sark’s books. Mmmmm delicious!

And remember your mindset is what creates your life. Change your mindset and create the life you want, including a healthy, slim body.

All the best to you this New Year! 🙂..if you liked this (or even if you didn’t) please take a minute to leave me a comment. It really, “soothes my soul” to get your input here.

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