WELCOME TO MY BLOG.   I’ll be honest, the purpose of this blog is for my own self-development…I love to write and, I’ll be even more honest, give my opinion. However, if by sharing information, experiences, etc here is of any help to others, that also helps me out because it really makes me feel good and be happy. Having been raised in the Catholic religion to honor suffering and other miseries, I have chosen to think of that as a dark-ages kind of thinking that needs to take a hike. Imagine trying to impose on your babies, toddlers or puppies or kittens the need to suffer and be miserable. Now that really stinks IMO! I had long ago left that behind as really a waste of a life and I now dedicate my life to feeling good and helping others to feeling good ergo, be happy. However, I’ve found that was easier said than done, after having had that suffering crap shoved down my throat and other orifices throughout the crazy, misery of the catholic childhood upbringing I experienced. I will not give up on it though and intend to find out the answer to letting lose of that garbage and letting in all the love and light and enjoyment I can discover. One of the many interests I have is in having a balanced life. I quit smoking several decades ago only to replace it with an overeating habit. I have struggled with extra weight since. However, a few years ago I lost over 40 pounds and then wrote a book about it. You can find here in my archives, a lot of information I used in loosing weight and living a more balanced and happy life. You can purchase my book for $10 postage free…just send me a check or money order to Ellen Bergstrom, 11325 Ray Road, Gaines, MI 48436. My email is greenbridge36@hotmail.com and phone is 810-845-6766. In addition, I do consultations and life coaching (I’m a licensed social worker), and do a healing, life affirming process I developed called, “Holistic Journeying.” Contact for an appointment and rates. I also love to hear from anyone with any well-meaning feedback or comment.

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