Making Your List of Greatest Accomplishments or How to Get Anything You Want


  Do you know your dreams? What is it you’ve always wanted? Have you achieved some of the things you would like to have? If so, what are they. Write them down. If you don’t think you’ve achieved anything worthwhile, think again. You are alive and breathing, right? Write that down. Make a title for this paper you are beginning. Entitle it, “My List of My Greatest Accomplishments.” Perhaps one of the first things you will write is that you are indeed alive and breathing. That in itself is a miracle. Think of what it took to create you. Out of the millions of sperm from your father, one lucky one made the long journey connected with one of many of your mother’s eggs to form the beginning of the development of your body. Now if that wasn’t lucky enough, you spent 7, 8 or 9 months or so forming in your mother’s uterus and lucky for you she was well nourished enough to support your development to succeed to your birth, the birth of your body, that is. Many of us feel we are immortal spirits who chose to go into bodily reincarnations from time to time for various learning experiences or perhaps to just have adventures. Back to our story of creating our dream lives. Some call it manifestation. Some say we all have that power within, to create, to manifest that which we desire to have. I happen to be one of those. I have seen it for myself in my own life.

So you have so far on your list,

1. I am alive and breathing. What is number 2. Here is a suggestion:

2. I can get to where I want to go.

Whether you get there by walking, by driving, by flying, by wheelchair, by others moving you in some way, etc. etc., you can get there right? The only ones who really can’t physically get to where they want to go are those who are trapped in prison, either a physical imprisonment or a psychological one. And the psychological imprisonment is another story as well. So lets get back to our story.

3. I am able to obtain sufficient food to meet the needs of my body.

Yes we have, even in this country (USA) those who go hungry. This hurts my heart especially when I hear of hungry children and animals. But again, another story. I am speaking here to those of you reading this that already have these gifts but don’t realize how fortunate you are.

4. I am able to obtain and maintain my own residence.

Once again, I know many have not yet learned how to do this one, but if you have, celebrate that fact that you have learned how to do this. I am going to continue with this simple list of accomplishments that many of us who continue to complain about petty things like we don’t have enough money, clothes, better job, the weather, etc. yet contain to forget about all the wonderful accomplishments we do have. So here goes:

5. I am able to provide myself with many extras. I own furniture, appliances, even more than 1 TV, have cable TV or satellite TV, have one of more phones, even a cell phone, a car or even more than one car in my family, pets that I well take care of, go on vacations, go to movies, even have my own movie collection. I may even have an entertainment center or room in a house that I own.

Well, do you get the picture now. Do you get the point. If not let me spell it out clearly. You can manifest what you want. Here is how. You just decide what you want and make the plan to get it. Sure some things are easier to get than others. But here is one secret I have learned. The things that you have manifested that are easy to get are those things you have already learned how to get. And you learned them by practice. For example, as a 3 year old, you did not know how to go to the store and buy things, did not know you needed to get a money supply to get things. Now you do. Whatever your source of money, you have it because you learned how to get it. And you learned how to go to the store to use your money In exchange for the things you want.

Other things that you think you can’t get are only those things you haven’t learned how to get, yet. So you first need to make a plan to learn how to get them and then practice it. It really is that simple, in words. Now I’ll give it to you, it is not always that simple in practice. Practicing is where the effort and hard work come in. You have to make mistakes when you practice. That is is how you learn, by making mistakes.

One of the worst things a person can do is make a simple one time try, practice one time, fail and then give up and think it is too difficult.

You can have anything you want. You just have to persist and tolerate your own mistakes and learn how to make a better choice, perhaps through problem-solving, perhaps through the so-called mystical realm, the answers, people, opportunities show up as y to move a step closer to the thing you want And whether that thing is to just get a job making another $20,000 more than you make now or it is to become President of the United States you use the same basic of ideas of patient practice and learning.

You may think this is an overly simplistic methodology. And I agree, there is far more to be said about this practice. However, there is much truth in these ideas and they are the bare bones of many wise philosophies.

I welcome hearing your experiences with manifestation. You can contact me at

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