The List


If a fairy godmother came to you, and tapped her wand on your head and said all your wishes are granted, what would that look like? What do you wish for? Do you dare to wish? Or are you afraid to do so. Are you afraid of being disappointed? Let me help you take the risk, gently, to create in your life those things you would most want to have.

What do you want from your life? Good health, happiness, joy, cheer, fun with good friends, respect of others, beautiful home, a lovely vacation home in your favorite vacation area, time to do everything you want to do, financial security, the love of a special one, the love and respect of family and friends, a satisfying life, an exciting life, expensive cars, beautiful, stylish clothing, world travel at the best resorts and hotels, etc., etc, etc. Does this all sound too good to be true? Well let me assure you it is not. The reason is, like so many of our wisest people have already told us, thoughts are things. To get something you must first think about it. You must picture it in your mind in great detail. If you have trouble doing that, start with writing everything down. Take the necessary time to do this. Set aside a time when you will have privacy to imagine and wonder about what you really do want and then write it down. You can also make your happiness map. This is something that many wise people have taught us to do for at least several decades now, perhaps even longer. Chances are you already have heard of putting together a happiness map. You simply take pictures of what it is you want, you can cut out pictures from magazines or where ever you find them and paste them on a large board. You then place that board somewhere in your home where you will see it daily And to make sure you get it, you replace your negative thoughts about not having, about being jealous or envious of others who have what you don’t, to positive thoughts. To do this you start with being grateful for what you already have. This is actually the 2nd list you create or you can actually start with this one and then do the happy life list 2nd whatever feels most comfortable or right for you. It is important to acknowledge what you already have because it teaches you to appreciate and enjoy your life. And when you do that you are more focused on what you have than what you do not have. Then you can begin to imagine what a happier, more satisfying life would look like. You will be more likely to enable yourself to create that for yourself. You can’t do that if your mind is filled with resentment and envy towards others or focused on what you don’t have. You may have difficulty, however of just consciously letting go of this negativity towards others. Instead of doing that, you simply replace those thoughts of your own good life. If you are mostly thinking about what a happy, satisfying life you are in process of creating, you will have little time left to focus on the negative. You may not be able to change the past but you can create better things for yourself and others in the future.  If you are having trouble thinking of anything good in your life, imagine what life would be like for you if you were born in some 3rd world country where just obtaining daily food is a problem, where disease is rampant, where your own parents die young, leaving you with many hungry siblings, where there are literally no jobs for you, where the only way to make money is by selling things on the street. Get the picture? How much better is your life than that. Perhaps you have a home or an apartment, perhaps it is furnished. Likely you have a TV and maybe even have a large screen TV with cable. List all of these kinds of things and be happy you have them. Do you feel better now? If not, have a celebration to celebrate everything you now have. Whether that celebration occurs by yourself alone or with friends, make sure you have some food and or drinks you love, flowers, music you love, dance, talking with friends or even just visits to your favorite restaurant, football game, art museum in a nearby large city, etc. You can also create ritual for this if you are so inclined. Include a bath or shower whereby you wash away all the negativity and essential oils to anoint yourself afterward.

Once that is done, you are in a better place, emotionally, physically, holistically to begin to think of creating your most fulfilling life. Once you have done that, the universe and all its possibilities will open up for you. Your senses will become full and you will see, hear, smell and perceive of things you have never even dreamed possible before. You will begin to see all your talents, all your abilities, and most important of all, you may, perhaps for the first time, discover your passions, the very reasons you came into this life. You will, for the first time perhaps, see yourself as a wonderful being of unlimited potential.

And one final thing.  Once you have imagined and put this all together, happily and cheerfully let it go. That’s right, you let it go.  Like releasing a balloon, you let it go while saying, “This or something better for the greater good of all concerned.”  In that way, you will not limit yourself, but may actually get something even better than you have so far imagined!

Brightest Blessings on this beautiful, sunny Autumn day!




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