Permanent Weight Loss, When? How?

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Wait! I’m not one of those, excuse the expression “skinny bitches.”  Far from it. I used to be skinny , back in the days of my youth. Now, I have become one of many who “fluctuates” as they say. I lose it and then gradually it comes back on. Not all of it! I never allow too much of it to come back on.  But stress and overly extending myself as I have a tendency to do, has created a pattern of overeating and “not having enough time to workout” or else I’m too tired to do so.  I don’t have to appear on TV or Movies and I’m not in the market to attract a lover.  My husband loves me no matter how fat I get. And I don’t care what others think, well that’s not totally true but I’m more career oriented these days and years than anything else. However, don’t get me wrong! I am not one to give up. I value my health and my energy. Those are two invaluable assets to have.

I think back to a time when I heard about a woman who complained to her spiritual advisor that she kept losing the extra 10 pounds she carried only to regain it again and again. The advisor told her what if she didn’t lose it but still  kept gaining th extra 10 pounds . And this is what actually does happen to so many unfortunate people.

Those of us that go back and forth, losing and gaining are far better off than those unfortunate people that never lose anything and continue to gain pounds often to the point of extreme morbid obesity that incapacitates them.

Thus counting our blessings, gratitude is perhaps one of the best ways of jumping to the next step, the greatest wonder of permanent weight loss.  We do know that when we are grateful for what we do have, we can change our lives profoundly. By being grateful for what we already have instead of taking it for granted, we increase our abilities to draw much more of the same to us. Oprah had a series of shows and teachings on this. I participated in it and found a gradual change for the better that I barely noticed. The course was simple, you just write a few sentences each day for a period listing as many things that you are grateful for. It lasts for a set time. After I did this for a period of time, I went back to my first few entries. I noticed I had developed a completely renewed state of mind without realizing it.  I found I had come along way from that time, was happier and more excited about my life as well as being able to manifest more of the things and changes I wanted. Gratitude, is one of those simple things that is profoundly life changing.

I have spent years now involved in creating and pursuing my dreams. I have run into many hurdles but I know that I can overcome them  only if I don’t give up. I chose to follow my dreams and will continue to put one foot in front of the other as I follow on my chosen path daily. Success often follows some of the darkest times so you don’t want to give up just before it happens.  I remember also to listen to my some advice given to me by a spiritual mentor some years ago. I had a vision of following along a pathway and there were many snakes on each side of the path. The advisor told me not to stop and talk to them because they would bite me.  Too many times, I have listened to bad advice when I stopped to “talk to the snakes.”  I will keep my filter clean and let any “snake talk” flow through. And I also keep in mind the advice of a very wise person who once told me, “we always win in the end.” Thank you Vince.

Don’t give up ever.  In times of great darkness, pain, suffering and despair, one only needs to wait, just a bit longer or perhaps even longer than that. But if one keeps putting one foot in front of the other and stays on the well-chosen path, one will arrive at the destination eventually. And success will finally come.

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “Walk boldly in the direction of your dreams.” (That’s Henry’s picture up there. Can’t believe I thought I was in love with him when I studied his works in my 20’s.)

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  1. hCGBoost says:

    This topic is a at the end of the day good article. Lossing worth is benificial seeking your health and happiness.

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