Forget Resolutions, Make Changes When You’re Ready

Are you feeling a bit blah or even worse!  Now that the Holidays are over, many people are really not happy to go back to their daily lives which may seem boring, stressful or even worse.  However, allow me to begin this with saying to you Happy Year everyone! And I hope to inspire  you right now with getting off to a good start.

Sometimes, starting “right” will make for a better year.  Of course, we cannot avoid the necessary challenges and lessons that we have chosen, between lives, or Karma, that will determine where we find ourselves.  ( And sometimes those challenges actually make life quite interesting.)    A  good start can make for a far better experience.  But there is really no reason to start on New Year’s Day.  Why not start it easy, with a daydream.

Now for that “r” word, resolutions.  Do you make resolutions this time of year? Or do you feel overwhelmed to just try to think of any change? 

In my opinion, “resolutions” is one of those words that needs to go. It is best to have the right time to make the change you desire whenever throughout the year that time is. 

The most effective and permanent changes for me have come when I have chosen that I will indeed make the change and chosen the way it will happen.  If you do wish to make a change in your life, a first step is to actually start at the end.  Also known as the so called “miracle question,” what would it look like if you had it the way you want.  For example if you want to quit smoking, imagine yourself one year after you quit, with no cravings for nicotine or smoking, and feeling healthier and proud of yourself for accomplishing this.  Spend as much time with this magickal form of day dreaming as you feel is necessary.  Some of us have spent years doing it.

The next step is to examine your current behavior.  You can analyze how often and why you smoke, for example if your wish is to quit smoking. You can use a small pocket sized notebook to jot the date, the time of day you smoked and why.  Again do this step as long as you like.  I would think 1 or 2 weeks would be sufficient, but you make the call as we are all unique.

You next go on a search for a stop-smoking program that you think would work best for you.  Or if you want, you can create your own program, as I did, by combining the features of various different programs and maybe  throwing in some of your own unique ideas to create your own program.

Once you feel satisfied with your program, you simply chose the date to begin, allowing yourself a comfortable amount of time to prepare for the challenge. 

And when the start the program, you start by being extremely determined, powerful and enthusiastic.  Stand in front of your mirror and say to yourself “Bring it on!”  Remember this is a no-fail way and success will be yours.  You have already seen the accomplishment you made!

And when you do succeed, write back to me and let me know so I can celebrate your success with you!


Copyright, Ellen J. Bergstrom, 2012


Ellen Bergstrom – Greenbridge is a writer, social worker, life coach, energy worker, and Empath.  If you would like help in setting up such a program and support in succeeding with it, you can contact her by leaving a message here in the comments section, email or phone 810-845-6766.  And for additional support consider purchasing my book, “Holistic Weight and Life Management.”  It is $10 with free shipping.  Contact me for address to send check or money order.

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