I was once a “nice, Catholic girl” from St. Isidore’s, a Polish parish in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I became a feminist in the 60’s and a Pagan in the 80’s. I have been interested in the food I put into my body since the 60’s but didn’t become overweight until I quit smoking in the 80’s. I have struggled with weight maintenance.  A few years ago, I developed my own methods as well as using those of others and lost about 40 pounds.  I was able to maintain the weight loss for 2 years.    I am more like most women than the perfect skinny people on TV and Movies. Even though I lost the 40 pounds a few years ago, I put some of back on. I am, however, committed to good health, mentally and physically, in short balance as well as acknowledging the spiritual side. I do not attempt to preach but instead share. And so I dedicate this site to sharing my experiences with others. What works for me may also work for you.  And I love to hear from others what kinds of things help them.   I do hope this helps in some ways. If it does, please take a minute to let me know by writing a few words in the comments at the end of my articles. And oh yes, please give me your honest feedback as well, in a kind way that is.

Lastly, I am a practitioner of kindness. I feel kindness is an underestimated way to transform ourselves and our world. I am always seeking friendship with other kind people and believe one can never have too many kind friends.

If you are seeking me for a professional consultation and would like to know my official credentials, just drop me a request and I send them over. Yes, I do have credentials. But more importantly, I have life experiences. And most important of all, I take note of my experiences and make great attempts to learn from them.

After I developed my own weight loss method, I wrote a book on it.  If you would like a copy, it is currently on sale for $10.  You can send a check or money order to me at Ellen Bergstrom, 11325 Ray Road, Gaines, MI 48436.  In addition, I offer  uniquely personalized life coaching including my method which I call “Holistic Journeying.”  Phone me at 810-845-6766 or email at greenbridge36@hotmail.com  I work both in person, if you are local to Genesee County, Michigan or by phone consultations. 

All the best to you and yours this wonderful upcoming New Year!


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