Soothing Your Soul: How to Join the Culture of Healthy Eating and Still Enjoy It

Whatever your religious or spiritual views and whether you believe in astrology or not, the talk about the recent Eclipse has been going on among all kinds of people. Some expect it to bring about good things, others fear for bad events and still others talk about delays in events they want to happen. Whatever you think, there has been a lot of talk about it. And the talk of others does have an influence on all of us, even if only momentarily. I use the word momentarily here to illustrate an important point, that point being is that we can control how we think and feel. In other words, our mindset, our modus operandi or usual way of thinking, feeling and being, is something we can, as adults, arrange to be the way we choose.

Certainly, as children, most of us were not able to easily do that though some really stubborn children can do so at times. Most children take the opinions of those around them as their own. Then as the child grows, she will create a life based on those opinions. Those of us who are beyond age 30 can look back at some the “mistakes” we made based upon opinions we had that didn’t work so well. After age 30 or so, many of us begin to reconstruct, to relearn so we can avoid the problems of the past. Of course you have a choice always. You don’t have to learn anything. Now what was that defintion of insanity? Oh yes, it’s doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Sort of like operating your computer, you need to learn how to do something correctly because the computer will only operate according to certain rules.  It won’t change because you are mad or upset.  Yes, there’s the “rule” word, one that many of us continue to rebel against well in adult years. But think of it as something you can’t change, like the weather or then can you? Hmmmm…well any way whether you can change the weather or anything most “rules” are pretty stubbornly there for now. Throwing temper tantrums doesn’t change them. Most adults learn at least that much. Many of us go on to realize that we just have to face the facts that exist for us at any particular moment.

The same is true when we wish to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Lying to ourselves about how much we eat doesn’t matter, the weight simply won’t come off that way. How do you know if you are in denial about how much you eat? If you become angry or upset when someone says anything like denial about how much people eat or  if you feel you must defend how little you eat and still are overweight, then you my friend are in denial. Those who aren’t, won’t want to defend anything.

However, since there is so much information and talk about weight loss, many of us learned how to give up on our denial. We know we eat far too much yet we do it any way. Very much like an addiction, it is a habit, a way we developed to cope with stress and daily life. We often use it to, “soothe our souls” so to speak. Perhaps you have even learned to “deprive” yourself of overeating for a significant period of times, months, even years. Yet there you go again, back to the culture of overeating. How to cope, how to cope.

There is hope, there is a way. Why not join the Culture of Healthy Eating instead. It has begun and is slowly developing. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you decide to join:

  • Think of food as a fuel for your body. You put in just enough to keep it going. Like with a car in putting in oil or gasoline, you don’t want to overflow the tank or you’ll damage the engine.
  • Think of the quality of the food you put into your precious body. Bad food is very much like poison. It is a slow poison, killing you over many years, but is a poison nevertheless. You can eat one brownie once and awhile, maybe even 2. You could even plan to have one a day, if you plan it well enough. But eating them every day along with cake, ice cream, candy, and then greasy burgers and fries etc. now that is poison.
  • Daily meditation is a wonderful practice in transforming your life. Check with the best: Deepak Chopra, Dali Lama, and many, many more. Do not overlook the simplicity, it works, hands down.
  • Creative visualization is a thinking and feeling way of transformation. An excellent master in this is Shakti Gawain especially her book, Creative Visualization. I must say that book was instrumental in transforming me.
  • Don’t overlook your own sabotage. Debbie Ford is a master in this with her books on the shadow. We all have shadows. The shadow is most effective in sabotaging you when you deny it’s existence.
  • Remember to cherish and honor yourself, holistically. We exist as body, mind and soul. We must cherish and honor ourselves, wholly and completely. In other words, soothe your soul in the best possible ways.
  • Take time out to really enjoy and relish yourself. Really do up the soothe your soul stuff and get addicted to that. Check out author, Sark’s books. Mmmmm delicious!

And remember your mindset is what creates your life. Change your mindset and create the life you want, including a healthy, slim body.

All the best to you this New Year! 🙂..if you liked this (or even if you didn’t) please take a minute to leave me a comment. It really, “soothes my soul” to get your input here.

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The Meaning of Christmas..for a Pagan


I began to study and read about Paganism, especially Wicca in the 60’s as I was contemplating leaving the Catholic Church. The one redeeming quality of my Catholic religion was the spirituality, I must say. I found great solace from all the sufferings of my youth as I sat silently in the church. At the time, I attributed that to my Catholicism. Now I see it as a Universal kind of spirituality, the Universe presence perhaps. But what I knew without a doubt, is that it brought me peace and sense of joy.

My current day job is that of a Children Case Manager, a social worker. And working yesterday, on December 23, I noticed a happy smile and a joyful playfulness in a child who is normally sullen, mean, sarcastic and angry most of the time. When I asked his mother why she thought he was suddenly so happy, she said well tomorrow is Christmas Eve. His refreshing cheerfulness brought to mind for me the same feelings I once had as a child too in the anticipation of a wonderful event about to happen very soon.

Many people are unusually happy and cheerful this time of year. It is socially ‘okay’, socially acceptable to be cheerful and ‘gay’ during the Holiday season, or Christmas time of year. Think of being that way at other times of the year and, unless you just hit the lottery or something similar just happened, you are considered crazy to behave in such a cheerful manner. In fact, you are thought quite the fool if not profoundly dumb and stupid if you behave in perennially cheerful manner on a regular basis. People may also become jealous and suspicious of you, wondering what you are up to. And many will try to find a way to knock it out of you. The bullies want to bring you down to their glum, sad world. Outside of Christmas time, it’s the only time a bully thinks it okay to be happy. In fact, in our mainstream culture, the bully attitude seems to be the “cool” way to be.

I recently attended a wonderful Yule/Solstice gathering and felt those wonderful warm, cheerful feelings as well. I have gathered that the feelings of the season are universal. We are all ‘allowed’ to behave in a cheerful, nutty way that would otherwise be thought of as too goofy for our day to day mundane, often dreary lives. But I don’t think it is just about the time of year and being ‘allowed’ to be that way. I also think it is that we all are psychic in the sense that we pick up on the feelings, the moods, the attitudes of others around us and the general sense of everyone in our society. Many would refer to this as the ‘energies.’ And in fact, there is much scientific evidence available to support the idea of the existence of these kinds of energies.

As a Pagan, I don’t really celebrate Christmas time in the Christian way, but I do celebrate it as a Pagan. As a Pagan I gave up the idea of noble sufferings. Enjoyment, pleasure is a fact, a reality and feels so much better than suffering. Consider the fact that in the greatest pleasures of orgasm, we often create a new human being.  As a Pagan, I feel that same pleasure is occurring all around us in Nature.  I choose to acknowledge the Universal cheerfulness that is all around us all of the time.  I choose to  feel happy, cheerful and I will appreciate that feeling wherever I can get it. If Christians are going to celebrate their Christmas and be happy, I’ll be happy for them and with them. I’ll celebrate the season too. Of course for me the meaning is different, but hey who cares what the meaning is or was. To be happy, to be cheerful and joyous with others is far more important.

In short, life for me is about honoring fun, happiness, joyfulness in myself and others. I just love being a Pagan and I also chose to be a Happy Pagan.

All the best to all of you the Joyful Season, no matter what the meaning of it is for you.

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Seriously, Don’t Take Life So Seriously

Have you ever heard someone say don’t take it so seriously? Perhaps you have even heard some very wise person discuss not even taking life seriously. As absurd as that might sound to you if you have never heard it before, or contemplated its true meaning, you could find great joy in a second or two, by understanding the full meaning of it. Yes it does take only a second or two but sometimes it takes us decades of sitting in our meditation practice in order to get to the one second experience of profound bliss.

In our modern, Western world, we have learned to mufti-task, to compete, to meet deadlines, to juggle many tasks. We may often get home at night feeling tense, unable to relax and even unable to sleep only to start another frantic day of non-stop work and stress. Despite the demands of our modern lives, many have learned ways to cope with all of that and still remain relaxed and present. One way is to truly not take it seriously. How could you possibly do that and still make a living, keep your job, get good grades at school, manage children, etc., etc.

Not taking it so seriously is a state of mind you can develop during a meditation or contemplation practice. Think of it this way. Pretend you are a reporter from another planet studying modern life here on earth. You are to interview people regarding how they live their lives in the usual day to day manner. Perhaps you start by observing parents and their children in a very busy early morning frantic rush to get ready for work and school. Perhaps you see them on their jobs in offices, in stores, in factories or wherever they work tense, stressed, even angry as they go about their jobs, wanting to get it all over with so they can go home. Now as you imagine doing this, imagine observing yourself. Yes, step outside yourself and look at you. How do you get ready for work or school daily? How are you feeling while you do it? Once you get to your work or daily tasks, how are you going about it? Do you enjoy the people around you? Do you dislike or even hate them? Are you trying to impress them with your superiority? Do you even try to sabotage them or even are openly hostile? Perhaps you feel victimized by others behaving that way to you.

Now change the scene a bit. Take one of these people and see them as they go on a planned vacation to somewhere they have been wanting to go for a long time. Now , how do they get ready to go somewhere? Are they rushed, frantic or angry? Perhaps they are rushing a bit, but in a joyful way. Few are angry or hostile on a vacation to somewhere they want to be. Do you see the difference?

Imagine it is all a movie or play. How would you change the character that plays you. Would you change your behavior? Would you change your reaction to others? Keep in mind you are the director and you can change any of this for that one character, you. But you can’t change the other players/actors, just you. Would you prefer to feel as great on a day to day basis as when you go on a cherished vacation?

Perhaps by now you are getting the picture I am trying to paint here. Did you get some insight into your usual behavior? Are you dedicated to playing a certain “role” in your daily life? If you have identified a role you usually play, do you want to change it? What would you change it to? Perhaps you would be more relaxed, kinder to yourself, kinder to others. Perhaps you would not take so seriously the mean behaviors of others. Perhaps you would stop being mean yourself and others.

Point is we can create ourselves to become the way we want to be. And when we do that, we begin to influence everything around us. Thus we learn that we can change our lives, our world and make it more the way we actually want to be. So how would you prefer to create a world to live in for yourself, your children, others you love? Would you want it tough, competitive, mean? Or would you prefer a world that is kind, fun and joyful to live in. The choice is yours.

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Stop Creating a Fat Body


Are you among the majority of us who struggle with a weight issue? Are you wondering how much you will be gaining during the upcoming Holidays? If you go to one of your local bookstores or check online, you will of course find a multitude of books and information on the subject, many of which claim to have ‘the’ answer to a “new, slimmer you.” Hey, I’ve written a book about it too. And though I do not claim to have ‘the’ answer, I do have a few answers. The answers I have are about what has worked for me, on the Path, and what I’ve found is the same thing many others have found: “it’s not what you’re eating, its what’s eating you.” So that is why I define the kinds of assistance I offer as “holistic.”

Now if there was ‘the’ answer, holistically, surely someone would have written about it. I’m convinced they have. And I found there are many wise words out there written and spoken by many wise people. The ‘answers’ are usually short and simple and have to do with just being yourself, being in the moment, daily meditation, and other quite simple sounding things. Many of us begin these things, only to stop or abandon them later as we get caught up in the business of contemporary life and the greater culture around us. For example, if you decide to do daily meditation, how long did it last? Did you pick a certain time of day to do it, then later find other things to do during that time? Get the picture. Our lives are busy, complicated. We easily stop doing the things that were most helpful to us and we again joined the fast, anxious, angry world we have all created. There must be a way to “be in the world, not of it.”

I have recently found some answers that have proven to me are authentic and most importantly that work. One of the life long problems I have is grinding my teeth. I stated doing this during my childhood and it has become a life long habit. Not only has it contributed to tooth problems, I think it may also be responsible for high blood pressure, weight problems, and perhaps many other things we have yet to discover. How? Well, I believe it may contribute to creating cortisol in the body.  Cortisol is a hormone our bodies create when we are stressed. Our bodies do actually need things like high blood pressure when we are stressed; because if we are in danger, we need our bodies to be able to run, to take flight, etc. In short cortisol helps to turn on our sympathetic nervous system, which is designed to help us fight or take flight during dangerous, stressful times. Problem is, in our modern society, we often allow this to happen when it is not needed. I believe that is what kept my blood pressure high for so long. Until I began to stop all of this.

What I did was to become very aware of when I was grinding my teeth, which usually happens frequently throughout the day. I prepared myself through a meditation where I trained myself to stop grinding as soon as it started and instead to think of being really happy and calm, as I soften my jaw and mouth, letting go.   I was thinking of good times in my life, times where I felt completely pleased and happy about myself. After doing this for several weeks, my blood pressure has come down to around 120/60.

This new, more relaxed version of myself is enjoying life so much more. I am happier and more satisfied with myself than I ever have been in my life. The next step will be to associate it more with overeating and I will keep you advised of this. My theory is we sometimes overeat in response to be stressed. If we feel satisfied with ourselves, we will only eat to sustain our bodies. We will learn to listen to feelings of being sustained and not overeat. As I continue with this very simple, yet extremely effect practice, I will continue to write about it. I invite your comments and your experiences with it. In fact, I would love to hear from anybody regarding this kind of practice and the results. In the meantime, stay happy, stay calm.

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Stop Being Your Own Prisoner, Free Yourself Just for the Fun of It

Sometimes I wonder, perhaps like many of us do, what is my purpose here during this lifetime. As I look back, I find that I did indeed have accomplishments but also many things that just didn’t work. And also like many, I have developed that kind of perfectionism where I often focus too much on those things that didn’t work, instead of following the advice of the wise to focus on what I want. When I do that, I find myself worrying and fretting and actually not even doing things that I have had no trouble doing in the past.. That is, I found that I am struggling with my own truth which is doing the very things I can do. So why is it we spend so much time worrying about things? It never helps to worry; it just makes us feel paralyzed, like a prisoner of our own fears, a prisoner of life. There must, I was wondering, a way to note the things we feel we must accomplish without the worry.
Well of course there is. And all of us have done that, we just didn’t take the time to note we were doing it. Think now of a time during your childhood when you felt really good. What was it you were doing at that time? Was it because of a task you did, an activity, or just being with others? I recall that I did very well in school, early on, because I had a beloved grandfather who taught me to read and do math before I went to school. That created a great deal of confidence and satisfaction in my ability to succeed academically in school, though at the time, at my young age, I didn’t really analyze it like that. I just let the success be in me.
What was it you thought about when I asked what it was that made you feel good during your childhood? Do you feel the confidence you had in that area? By remembering these simple things, we can bring them into our present life and realize we are capable of feeling good, confident, without a care in the world. We can start our days, make our best plans and then just let it happen, feeling good about whatever we want. The idea of having preparation ahead of time, like I discussed my early learning experiences with my grandfather, can pave the way for us to accomplish those things that are new to us. We must remember that we will be attracted to do those things that we actually can accomplish. But we also need to give ourselves a break and realize it will take time to prepare and practice, sometimes, before we are feeling the confidence of the success. We don’t always instantly learn new things. We need to stop punishing ourselves saying to ourselves we can’t do something, when all it would take is sufficient preparation to succeed at it.
Start your week today, recalling things you want but are yet unsure of how to do them. Remember that all you need to do is prepare for your success with them. Take it step by step. Find our what the needed preparation is and then do it. Stick with the preparation until you feel confident, remembering that you can do almost anything with the right amount of practice. And then, when you do feel confident, just put one foot in front of the other and take the steps. Remember though, it all starts with that first step.

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Hello world!



I was just notified to convert my original spaces blog to this word press one.  I am very pleased with the way it looks here and hope readers are as well. 

If you are new here, you will find words of encouragement, support and inspiration for walking the holistic Path. My attempt is to share my experiences, thus far “on the Path.” I, like many other writers, seek out inspiration from others while attempting to light my own spark. I believe we each have something unique within and that it is our lives’ purposes to find out what that unique thing is, develop it and then share it with the world. When you do this, your life will become satisfying and happy. When you don’t you pay the worse price of all…the life unlived.  Please, don’t let that happen.

So why not accept happiness into your life. Why not discover your uniqueness. Check out this blog weekly, (or daily because I write in spurts sometimes) for your inspiration, support and encouragement.

And as always, I love to hear your comments.

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30 Day Program

Last year, I began to write about a 30 day weight loss program, where I would post a different message each day for 30 days to give daily encouragment regarding weight loss and management.  I plan on publishing this at some time into a book  when it is complete, but now you can read portions of it free.  You just go to the archives on select April 09 where it begins.

As I’ve always said, your comments, your opinions are valuable to me and I welcome them .  Also if you have constructive criticism, motivated by your good will, that is very welcomed as well.

Brightest Blessings and Success on your Holistic Path!

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